Why should I call?
Many answers… the kids need a poop free yard, you are tired of a family argument every time the subject comes up (we try to keep peace in the family)the dogs have been tracking in poop on their feet you know that dog feces can have bacteria in it .. and the list goes on.

How am I billed?
The preferred method is monthly debiting of a charge card on file, this would be done in advance of the month on about the same day as your original first service.  However if you prefer we will bill you monthly and accept checks or online payments.

You mention a first time upcharge for scooping large amounts, what is that?
For those of you who have not cleaned up in a while there is a charge for the accumulated waste, generally $20-$50 added to the first month only, this will be discussed when we call to verify your billing information.

Can I request a specific day or time?
We will work with you the best we can but cannot guarantee a specific time, we generally scoop any daylight hours available, your options on day of the week will be discussed upon signing up.  In order to keep our prices as low as possible we must optimize the routes for efficiency.

How often do you service my area?
Depending on your location either once or twice a week

How often do you come?
That is your call based on your needs most of our clients are either once a week or twice a week, some just need every other week or still others just need help on a one time basis.

How do you dispose of the waste?
It is removed from your property and is disposed of in accordance with city, county and state regulations

Can you work with the dogs in the yard?
Yes, as long as they are not aggressive they are fine to be with us, would we have gotten into this business if we did not like dogs. If they are aggressive we ask that you keep them inside while we are in the yard.

What if the weather is bad or there is snow on the ground?
We make every effort to come out on schedule, however if there is lightning in the area for safety reasons we will not be working.  During snow events your dog is still pooping, if it is impossible to find any poop we will reschedule your visit, if it last for more than a day; we will get as much of the waste as possible on the next visit. The reason we have to still charge something is that the next time we come out we will be in your yard longer.

What makes it hard for us to find waste?
When there are a lot of leaves or very tall grass, waste may be missed because it is not visible.
It is the homeowner’s responsibility to insure the gate is working and the area is accessible.

What if I am on vacation?
If you give us 24 hours notice to skip a day you will get a full credit back for that day.

I am giving you personal information, what do you do with it?
We use it only to service and bill you, we never share or sell it.

Do I need to be there when you are working?
No, most of our visits are done when the homeowner is not home, the only thing we ask is if you have a lock on the gate you take it off on the day we are coming.

Do you have a favorite dog?
Yes, if the dog knows how to write checks, he automatically becomes our favorite.

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